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Jason Robinson Smokes Pillow Lines for breakfast, washes them down with a tasty beverage

The man himself. Photo: Tucker Adams

As far as professional snowboarders go, Jason Robinson is a bit of an odd ball. A man that lives in a trailer he built himself (well before the great boom of Orange County borne Sprinter vans), J Robb is a true pioneer of a life unencumbered by the expectations and fears that shape typical modern life. He is no exception to the pressure to fit the modern mold: college right after high school, specializing in a particular field with a graduate degree or certificate after that, all in the hopes of finding a cushy air-conditioned gig at your local corporation, where you might make and save enough to stop working before your ligaments give out from a spending too much time sitting in an office chair. J Robb is no exception, as he told Transworld Snowboarding back in 2014:

I got pretty sidetracked with the pressures of society. I figured, I’d go to school, get my MBA and get into business or something corporate like that. I was lost and thought that was what I was supposed to do.

Unenthused with the prospect of a life spent indoors, J Robb finished building out an aluminum trailer that could withstand Montana winters and decided to more or less go off grid. Unencumbered by the heavy burden of making rent each month, he spends his time wherever it’s snowing, scoring relentlessly, and just about year round.

Heli-Skiing is my number one expense.
Scoping lines. Photo: Tucker Adams

When you find yourself writing off heli-skiing on your taxes, you know you’re doing something right. Clearly, J Robb has his priorities in check. Having seemingly cracked the code on living cheaply, he spends the majority of his time posted up wherever the conditions are firing, or, filming for movies like Flying High Again (2023).

Now that you have some background on who this guy is, check out his Ride the Wave segment, presented by White Claw. If steep, fluffy pillows are your thing, then you've come to the right place. Watch J Robb cut line after line through buttery snow, even popping a sketchy 360 onto a puny little landing. Jason’s commitment to life outdoors resonates in his riding, too. He doesn’t ride a snowboard with fear in mind, so why live life that way? That mentality probably has something to do with why he continues to be one of the most respected snowboarders in the world.

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