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Carter Country: A Leatherman Original

Pro snowboarder and Wyoming rancher Mark Carter had a standout winter. He signed a major deal with Arbor Snowboards, and released one of the best edits of the season. Now that the winter's over though, the Ten Sleep native goes back to his 'other job' as a cowboy on his family's cattle ranch. 

In this Leatherman Sport profile, we get a glimpse of a day in the life of Mark and his brother, R.C. The brothers use motorcycles to herd 700 head of cattle through a snowstorm at the base of the Bighorn range. It's pretty gnarly work, and it's easy to see why this dude's discipline and diligence is unmatched.   

Wow, busy guy. With all of that on his plate I wonder how he and his family still managed to be the ringleaders in one of the largest poaching violation cases in Wyoming history. “Discipline and diligence” unmatched? He, and his family are nothing more then criminals, and any outdoor company that sponsors them or uses people like this as their “poster boy” should be boycotted by honest, law abiding outdoor enthusiasts.

Agree with other post…TGR and the associated sponsors of Mark Carter would be well advised to stop glorifying meatheads with significant criminal poaching history, even if he was able to plea deal his role down.  A google search on Mark Carter Wyoming poaching and 15 minutes will paint you a very different picture of this guy and his family.  We need a lot less attitude like this making hunters & ranchers look bad.

Just watched the Bozeman premiere of Paradise Waits, and the Carter / Iguchi segment was boring;  otherwise a great show.

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stash member MacKenzie Ryan