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There’s Mountain Biking in New Hampshire?

The Granite State is not a forgiving place to start your mountain biking career. While next door Vermont has all the hero dirt, NH has shit loads of rocks and roots that make any cross-country outing a non-stop old school trials move contest in which you are typically crawling along at slow speeds while constantly hammering the pedals to climb over some kinda of unforgiving combination of rocks, roots, and downed trees. It's enough to throw novices with short tempers into a tantrum–I've had to scold my brother for throwing his loaner bike into a tree after falling on the 78th root-infested obstacle on his second ride ever.

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However, if you've got the skills, all that tech can be an absolute blessing and a welcome relief from the flow-addled trail design of the modern era. In this new edit, Now!Hampshire native Patrick Noonan puts some of the state's rowdiest riding on display, knocking off wet slab rides and rim-whamming tech sections with a smoothness you're not used to seeing in my home state. With no soundtrack, it's music to the ears to simply hear the suspension working hard and the wheels slamming rock after root after drop. Take that, Vermont!

About The Author

stash member Ryan Dunfee

Former Managing Editor at Teton Gravity Research, current Senior Contributor, current professional hippy at the Sierra Club, and avid weekend recreationalist.