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Funny: Loris Vergier Narrates Santa Cruz’s Latest Release Video

We’re always fans of Loris Vergier’s outrageous French accent, but it gets even better when he’s simply making noises to “narrate” a mountain bike video. That’s exactly what he does with Santa Cruz’s latest release vid (for the brand-new Bullit e-mtb), and it’s pretty damn funny. Ever heard of a foley artist? It’s how Hollywood creates sound effects for the movies in post-production. For example, in Star Wars, sound designer and foley artist Ben Burtt says he created the famous TIE fighter sound by combining an elephant call with a car driving on wet pavement. Forget TIE fighters, Santa Cruz has their own acoustic genius in-house. They simply called up their favorite French rider to record some cah-cah-cahs and wappaaaaas. If you want more Loris sound effect action, check out this soundboard where you can have Loris on demand.

Nice to see. Especially last whistle sound was epic. Overall coooool.
Cheers from Reims toiture.

Thanks for sharing this informative and educative post. Great content!!!
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