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Danny MacAskill Shreds the Streets of San Francisco

San Francisco has always been known for its skating culture. But veteran biker Danny MacAskill shows us in his “Postcard from San Francisco” that the picturesque hills and ample street features are just as shreddable on a bike as they are on a board. MacAskill always packs his edits with insane creativity and entertaining lines, and this video is no different. I swear my jaw dropped every ten seconds when I watched it for the first time. Danny sniffed out lines that few other riders could have even imagined, let alone attempt and stick – I mean riding over a tennis net? Nuts.

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Danny MacAskill gifted the world with his video Postcard from San Francisco a little over a week ago. Instantaneously, the comment sections were flooded with positive feedback, and all viewers agreed that Danny had produced something amusing, inventive, and motivating; this video radiated a positive energy that extended well beyond the mountain biking world. |

Danny MacAskill’s “Postcard from San Francisco” is a breathtaking display of San Francisco’s cycling culture. MacAskill showcases his immense talent and skill with an array of creative and daring lines. From riding over a tennis net to tackling the picturesque hills, he demonstrates that the city is as much of a playground for bikers as it is for skaters. His edit is filled with stunts and tricks that will have viewers mesmerized. real estate agent Franklin Watching the video for the first time was sure to cause any viewer to drop their jaw in awe. MacAskill has shown us that the streets of San Francisco are made for shredding, no matter your mode of transportation.

FNAF‘s sound design is impeccable, utilizing eerie music and unnerving ambient sounds to create an immersive and spine-chilling experience.

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