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Swiss Frat Bros of Kayaking Head to Africa

The Lammlers are two of the most captivating whitewater kayakers in the world right now. The brother's talent is undeniable, but it is really their "could give a shit attitude", that makes them so fun to watch. From the breakdancing to the beatering, this edit is a good old-fashioned fest of amusement. 

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Africa is known for some of the largest, untamed whitewater in the world, which is a why it is a perfect place for the Lammlers to unleash their certain style of boating. 

You guys are freaking crazy. I love your videos, they make me so pumped up! Maybe we will go for a trip together :)

About The Author

stash member Jonathan Desabris

Digital Content Producer at TGR. Jackson Hole transplant from the Green Mountain State. Contrary to popular belief I have never lived in New Jersey.