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Ian McIntosh Hits 49 BASE Jumps In Just 19 Days! - Sony Mind’s Eye: Season 2 Episode 7

TGR athlete Ian McIntosh ditches his skis and picks up a parachute in this episode of Sony Mind's Eye. McIntosh and company look to emulate their Swiss cohorts so they pack their chutes, stretch out the hammies, and go for a little Swiss “Yogg”. Over the course of the next nineteen days Ian and friends complete forty-nine BASE-jumps throughout Switzerland & France.

Ian is relatively new to the BASE jumping world. He has been sky diving for nine years, but only started seriously jumping a year ago. This episode of Sony Mind’s Eye documents his second major trip BASE trip to Europe. Equipped with a new wingsuit, a Sony Action Cam, and plenty of big cliffs, Ian realizes a lifelong dream of flying. Now with 110 BASE jumps under his bel,t he is well on his way to become an accomplished jumper and wingsuit pilot.

Be sure to check out Ian McIntosh in TGR's new ski flick, Almost Ablaze, where he dominates the mountains even though his feet are on the ground quite a bit more often.

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