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Skiing : When Overweight Safe and Permitted?

Skiing is an incredible recreational activity which, in spite of the body type and structure, can be enjoyed by many people, alike. However, there are many doubts that you may have in your mind when you are trying the sport for the first time, especially, when you are overweight. 

Skiing rather seems an odd idea when you are bulky and high on weight, but with right guidance and knowledge, anyone can enjoy skiing including those who weigh high on the scale. 

If you want to try this recreational sport and enjoy the adrenaline rush while preventing any injuries, this guide has everything you must know to keep safe. So, let’s get started:

Are there any weight limits for skiing?

The answer is a big NO, there are no weight limits for  skiing when it comes to ski lifts. For your knowledge, the ski lifts are very sturdy and they are designed to take the weight of 2-8 people at a time, so, even if your weight is thrice as much as your ideal weight, you are still lesser then the weight limits of a ski lift. 

However, specific resorts might have some rules about permitted weight for skiing, so, it is best advisable to check with the resort that you are planning to go to for skiing.

Similarly, for skis, the charts are different but most of them have 220 pounds mentioned at the top. However, this dos not proves that this is the maximum limit.

Is skiing possible with an overweight body?

Ys, it is possible but it depends upon a number of factors including how overweight you are, what your heaviest parts of the body are and how the obesity does affects your movement. There are no restrictions on an overweight body being able to ski for recreation, but, if you are way too obese, it would certainly affect your experience. 

The expert’s advice that shedding a few pounds to gain the incredible recreational experience of skiing is worth a shot. Whether you choose to go on a diet or choose an effective weight loss supplement, the lighter you get, the more you enjoy. There are several  detail review of purefit keto that would guide you and help you in shedding those extra pounds.

If you are overweight and want to enjoy skiing, here are some skiing tips that will help you enhance your experience:

Rent the equipment in advance:

There are several equipment involved in the game of skiing and if you do not own them already, it is better to stay prepared in advance, when you have the equipment with you by right time, you get enough time to try them on and get comfortable with them. Some important items to rent in advance include:


Boots are very typical to skiing as they are of snug fitting. If you have wide calves and ankles, you might face problem in finding the perfect boot. It is important that you search for the best boots in advance to get a comfortable fitting.

Ski sizing:

Your weight affects the ski you should use. The size of the ski you should use depends upon your Weight as the heavier you are the longer ski you will need. Also, take advice from an expert and visit a professional shop to buy or rent the right size ski.

Gain back your pose:

The toughest part of skiing is to stand up once you have fallen. Whether  you are slim or overweight, this is a tough drill for everyone. However, it is a little harder for those who are obese. You must ta lessons to master the skills and then practice to polish them.

There are different techniques to get up when you fall on a vertical plane and when on a flat terrain. You must learn both to start prepared.

Know the techniques and balance:

Practice makes a man perfect and this applies to skiing as well. The more you practice the better you get. You can get good balance and technique after learning it from a professional. While you will not b perfect after the first try, you can learn gradually to enhance your skills and soon master them.

Take care of your knees:

When you ski, your knees bear a lot of pressure. The pressure becomes even intense when you are overweight. So, if you are heavy and are skiing, do not push yourself too hard. Know the right positions for your Wight and enjoy skiing without any risk of injury.

Nothing can keep your from skiing, not even a heavy body. Skiing is a recreational game that you can enjoy, but, it is always recommended to shed some pounds before you hit the skis. It is better for your skiing experiences as well as your health. Till then, these tips will keep you safe and aid in enjoying skiing this winter.

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