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Moonshine Shaping: Spring Snowboard Experiments in Glacier, Washington

Kevin Nimick pokes one out on his freshly forged board. Photo by Ben Shanks Kindlon.

Last week, a crew from evo joined Mervin Mfg.'s northwest rep Ryan Davis at his Moonshine Compound in Glacier, WA, for a weekend of experimental Lib Tech shaping and spring riding. This was the outcome. 

A BIT WET BUT STILL SPIRITED, the dozen of us clambered out of the Nooksack River and into the Mt. Baker bus. After just finishing a cold whitewater rafting run, a giddy buzz resonates throughout the old green clunker. Pat McCarthy surveys the grinning faces and cracks a smile himself.

“Ah, that river…” he says. “It’ll throw a little something different at you every time you go. Whether it’s a rise or drop in the water level, different rocks or branches showing, whatever, it’s always changing. Those changes help keep it exciting, but regardless, it’s always pretty fun.”

Our raft guide for the day, Tex Devenport, steps onto the bus and assumes the driver’s seat. “You hear that?” Tex turns around and asks us. “It’s the beer getting colder!” It’s the second time he’s made the joke, but it’s still funny. 

With that, he starts the bus and points it towards Glacier en route to the Moonshine Cabin.  

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