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Dark. Rain. Ski.

It is pitch dark. Raining heavily. The whole place is closed. But I'm on a mission, so I grab my skis and walk to the bottom of the hill in my boots, as there's a rumour that there's some snow in the hill. And when I get to the bottom, what I find is a group of teenagers with just a couple of flashlights -- skiing, jumping the jumps, riding the pipes and rails. Wonderful!

One of my local ski hills, Hyvinkää's Sveitsi, acquired some new snow guns for this season. Obviously they tested them. They worked remarkably well, with all that snow generated. And I'm not sure we had more than a couple of nights with temperatures around 0 or -1...

And obviously, I just had to go there to ski. This completes my October skiing, then :-)

This article has also been published at Blogspot. Read the full Planetskier series at, or all blog articles from Blogspot or TGR. Photos, videos, and text (c) 2021 by Jari Arkko.

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