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DaKine Cobra Glove Review

Over the years I have tested a ridiculous number of gloves and there is only one glove that I have used that has truly stood the test of time: the Dakine Cobra Glove. Over the past 7 years the Cobra model has never once let me down.

The most important thing that I look for first in a pair of gloves is warmth and these babies will definitely keep your digits warm on even the coldest of days. I have the hand circulation of a woman and absolutely hate cold fingers while I’m skiing or on the lift. My poor circulation caused me to switch to mittens for a few years, but my first pair of Cobra’s 7 years ago brought me back. I love the dexterity of gloves which makes these Cobra’s perfect for me.

These gloves are also fully loaded with high-quality features like GORE-TEX® waterproof/breathable inserts, high loft synthetic insulation and water repellent leather palms.  Unlike a lot of other gloves, these will continue to look brand new for years. In summation, these gloves are the BEST and built to last. Also, make sure to check out Sean Pettit’s Cobra Team Glove because they’re sweet too.

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