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Kings and Queens of Corbet’s 2021 is Here!

It's the most wonderful time of year here in Jackson Hole--the snow is falling, features are getting filled in, our legs are finally in ski shape, and OH YEAH King's and Queen's of Corbet's Couloir starts this week. One of the best freeride events Jackson Hole has to offer, King's and Queen's features twenty-seven skiers and snowboarders as they huck themselves into the famous Corbet's Couloir in hopes at the title of King or Queen of Corbet's.

Last year's competition not only saw incredible riding from all the athletes, but also takes a spot in ski history. Veronica Paulsen became the first woman to ever stomp a backflip into Corbet's and boy, did she stomp it. Check out her winning run as well as runners up, Caite Zeliff and Arianna Tricomi's here: 

 Parkin Constain also had a couple--actually three-- backflips to pull out of his sleeve as well earning him the title of King of Corbet's. An unbelievably stylish run from Constain had him in first, but Sam Kuch, Hans Mindnich, and Sander Hadley were close on his heels with excellent runs from all three. Watch the top four men from last year here: 

If backflips were the thing last year, we are stoked to see what comes from this year's competition. You can see the full athlete roster here and stayed tuned to watch the entire show on Monday, February 22. 

About The Author

Some amazing videos.  These people are so incredibly talented. 
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Microblading Calgary
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Microblading Seattle

amazing shots and video coverage of the event! It’s one of the best if not the best skiing events out there that every fan should see once in their life. Sadly I wasn’t able to attend this time around. Hoping to go there next time. Thanks for sharing TGR! Trees and Shrubs