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Generations (2009)

About Generations

Within the span of a lifetime, one can observe the planet’s changing climate. Skiers, snowboarders, farmers and climatologists across the world are experiencing the effects of climate change. Ski areas in the Northeast United States are witnessing shorter winters. California’s farmlands are experiencing water shortages. Europe’s glaciers are receding at alarming rates. Generations is a film about the consequences of climate change and shows you what you can do to make a difference.

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Music By: Moby / Philip Sheppard / Dolman Black and The Brain / Kevin MacLeod / Ben Krames / Mosley Wotta & MUD / Sandy Garnett

Narrated By: Greg Stump

We can all do some simple things that have a huge short-term impact on climate change. Collectively, we could save almost 123 million metric tons of CO2 in ten years, dropping the US national emissions by 8%. Consider doing these five things today:

1. Get an energy audit. Seal doors and windows and insulate the hot water pipes 2. Carpool whenever you can and/or buy a fuel efficient vehicle and drive the speed limit 3. Use compact fluorescent bulbs, turn lights off and unplug appliances when not in use. 4. Lower your thermostat settings, put a sweater on! 5. Use reusable water bottles & coffee mugs… avoid plastic water bottles unless necessary.

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