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Snowboard Paradise: Wolle Nyvelt and the “Asmo” Pow Surfer

Snowboarding is not about creating winners—it’s about a relationship with the universe.

“Snowboarding plays a role in your life that is just about being wonderful…to draw your line into the mountain. It’s an awesome game with gravity,” begins Wolfgang “Wolle” Nyvelt, as he poetically narrates the opening scenes of, Asmosphere: Fragments of Fun.

Embracing the 365-day imagination of a snowboard shaper, Wolle and Stefan Gruber created the Asmo pow surfer, binding-less boards that they’ve been shaping meticulously from their workshop in the Austrian Alps in Zillertal Valley, since 2006.

The documentary shares a snapshot of the legendary board shapers from surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding, who inspired Asmo, as Wolle dives poetically into his lifelong love of snowboarding, the sport’s inherent relationship with nature, and the concept of the “third paradise,” the space where man-made technology overlaps with the natural world.

“The third paradise is the sign of infinity but with an extra circle in the middle of it,” Wolle described. “What’s so special about snowboarding in the mountains is that you dedicate your whole life to it.”

Get ready: It’s impossible not to feel tugged by the film’s deep sentiment.  

About The Author

stash member Morgan Tilton

Raised in Colorado's San Juan Mountains, Morgan Tilton is a snowboarder, mountain-ultra-trail runner and explorer. She covers adventure travel and news for an array publications including Men's Journal, Outside, SUP Magazine and Adventure Journal.