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This is the Largest Boat Wave in all of Wake Sports

The beaches of California, Hawaii, and the East Coast are no longer the place to find the perfect break or chase an endless break. The introduction and rapid progression of wake specific boats have led to an inland surf revolution. Now landlocked watersport enthusiasts can create their own endless summer wherever and whenever they please. At the forefront of this revolution is Mastercraft, a company that has been driving technical innovation in the wake world. 

Xstar, Mastercraft's original individual wake-board boat, was just revamped to suit the needs of the modern day wakeboarder and surfer. 

“With the new XStar, the original wakeboard boat has again become the unbeatable,” said Terry McNew, President, and CEO of MasterCraft Boat Company. “Over 21 years, our engineers’ charter for the XStar has remained the same: do whatever it takes to outperform and progress the sport. For 2018, MasterCraft is the only company that has what the XStar can deliver: the biggest wake in existence and our exclusive digitally-enhanced driving and entertainment experience.”

Highlights include the largest wake every produced by a wake boat. This can be credited to its new wake-specific hull design that can be equipped with 4,100 lbs. of ballast, the largest towboat ballast in the industry. The final element enabling the XStar’s profound wake is the award-winning Gen 2 Surf System that creates three zones of perfectly sculpted, customizable surf. With these large, customizable waves it will be incredible to witness the progression associated with them. 

TGR talked to Harley Clifford, a professional wakeboarder with over 7 X-Games gold medals to his name, about his work on the boat design and the video above. 

"The new XStar is actually a dream come true for me. My vision is to push the boat scene and land some insane new tricks. This level of boat competition is on the rise and this boat is the exact tool I need! It was a long road, with a lot of ups and downs to get this boat done but Mastercraft being the most badass boat company out there, so not making this boat the best boat ever was never an option!"

We are so stoked about this XStar.  We should be getting one shortly.  Come check it out!

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