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Slater Vs. Medina–Whose Perfect 10 Was Better?

Looks as though Kelly Slater has been practicing on his wave pool. The 44-year-old surfer let everyone know that he is a force to be reckoned with during the World Surf League competition that happened earlier this month. Watch the Florida native get totally tubular on the gnarly waves at the Fiji Pro. This is an epic ride if you’ve ever seen one. 

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Though Slater may not have taken home the 'W', I guarantee that this won’t be the last time that you hear of this legendary barrel. It comes as no surprise that the judges gave Slater a 10 for this flawless ride, but he wasn’t the only competitor to receive a perfect score. Gabriel Medina of Brazil also won over the judges' hearts. Check out the video below to decide who rode it better:

The conditions were firing at Cloudbreak, and the two surfers definitely made the most of it. Both the surfers had nearly flawless rides. Though there is quite an age gap between the two surfers (22 years to be exact), both of them manage to send it. Getting totally pitted and getting some serious airtime at the end, Medina pulls off an amazing wave. Medina ended up winning the competition and is now ranked 2nd on the Championship Tour, with Slater ranking 26th. Slater has been putting a lot of time into his wave pool in California, which he recently just sold the majority stake of to the WSL.

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