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Video: Maddie Mastro Makes History at Burton US Open

Maddie Mastro didn’t just win the Women’s Halfpipe at the Burton U.S. Open on Saturday, the 18-year-old made history. With everything on the line for her final run, Mastro decided to go big with a double crippler 900. Stomping the trick not only launched herself into first place but made her the first woman to ever become inverted twice on the pipe in competition.

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According to the Vail Daily, after landing the move while at a training camp in May, Mastro has been contemplating when to try it at an event. It turns out a little pressure was all that Mastro needed. Her final score of 84.74 ultimately edged out Chloe Kim and Xuetong Cai. Kim, who finished second, was carried away after finals due to a broken ankle. The Olympian later announced on Twitter that she'll be needing surgery. 

It was a thrilling upset since the last time Kim placed second was back in 2018. For such a storied snowboarding event, the Burton U.S. Open couldn’t have been a more symbolic venue to progress the sport. If this wasn't all special enough, this was also Mastro's first U.S. Open title—and first ever career win. 

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