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Find Away with Gerry Lopez and Taro Tamai In Japan

"I think there's something that all surfers share, it's something you can't touch or feel, it's in that unseen realm.  Taro has taken that same approach and applied it to his snowboarding."  

The first episode of Patagonia's new series, #Find_Away, is called Northern Sky, and does an excellent job showing the shared sensation between surfing and snowboarding beautifully.  Filmed by Farm League Films in the mountains above Niskeo, Japan, the video features two board sports legends, Pipeline master Gerry Lopez, and snowsurf pioneer Taro Tamai.  These athletes have spent their whole lives practicing their crafts and playing with the art of flow. Enjoy ten minutes of beautiful shots that give out a peaceful vibe as these two athletes surfers take to the mountains.  

To see more photos and videos, check out Patagonia's site.

About The Author

stash member Leslie Hittmeier

Leslie is a freelance writer and photographer. Storytelling is her focus and she spends her time following badass skiers and climbers around in their natural habitats. As an obsessed skier and climber herself, she plays and trains in the Tetons.