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The Art of Confidence Episode One: Fear

Fear is just another part of the job as a professional big mountain skier. Avalanches, crevasses, cliffs, you name it; all aspects of the sport that could be considered dangerous, Amie Engerbretson has encountered during her time as a professional big mountain skier. A near-death encounter with an avalanche, in which she was lucky to be saved, changed her as a person and a skier forever. For a while after this experience, the joy that she once felt on the slopes was replaced with anxiety and fear. The trauma of almost dying encompassed her perspective as a skier, and for a long time, she struggled to accept the presence of fear in her life. “It was a journey for her to get to a place of self-acceptance,” she says, “it’s about moving along with your fear right beside you to help push yourself… its resilience that gives me confidence.”

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This episode of ‘The Art of Confidence’ is a great introduction to the power of confidence. It sheds light on how fear can prevent us from achieving our goals and how to overcome it. By outlining different strategies and providing real-life examples, the episode provides a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their confidence.  Legality of CBD in the US Through this episode, viewers are given the tools to understand and recognize fear, as well as how to develop the confidence to take action and move past it. By providing an accessible and informative guide, this episode is a great starting point for anyone looking to develop their confidence.

I agree! Keeping your fear close by to spur you on, you go on. Keep up the good work! | Marietta

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