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Season in the Elk Mountains

Editor's Note: Stash member Jahcobo throws down in the Elk Mountains in Colorado for his 2014-2015 season edit. He sends gnarly backcountry lines and huge natty hits, while still holding his own in the park. Whoever Jahcobo is, kudos on your season edit, we're super stoked! 

When I wasn't on the road this season I was based in Aspen, CO. Located in the heart of the Elk Mountains, Aspen is surrounded by a myriad of BC zones. For the first time I began to delve into some of the endless terrain that surrounds my small hometown. 

Once spring hit and, avalanche conditions improved I was able to ski Cathedral Peak and Ski Hayden Peak along with other zones around Larkspur Mtn. and Independence Pass. My recent explorations into the Elk Mtns. are just a fraction of whats out there but, I look forward to a life of exploring this rugged terrain.

Proof positive.

Is everyone on TGR or Powder mag east coast gapers?  Sure seems like it.

About The Author

stash member jahcobo

Raised in the Elk Mountains of Colorado. Based in VT during the summers where I'm the co-founder of a non-profit organization focused on environmental education: Spend my winters in Aspen and wherever else the powder takes me