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Anti-Gravity Lift Towers?

The Swiss are clever innovators. The latest example of this that I saw were the lift towers in Saas Fee. Floating in mid-air, not standing on ground like regular towers. Anti-gravity in action!

In the summer the ski area closes at noon, so after a nice morning of summer skiing in rain and fog, I was left with a free afternoon. It turns out that that at the top station there's an ice cave. I did not expect much, these tunnels seem present in almost all glacier resorts.

But I was surprised. And maybe a bit shaken. Not just by the beauty of the ice carvings, but also of the spooky nature of the place. Buttons that you are tempted to press but shouldn't, flowers decorations that feel like they're from somebody's funeral, dark chapels with shadowy figures on the walls, and exits that lead nowhere. Nicely done, now I can't sleep!

The lift towers:

The chapel:

The flowers:

More from the chapel:

The crevasse:

Colours in the ice cave:

Photos and videos (c) 2016 by Jari Arkko. This blog is also available at  Blogspot and in Relaa (in Finnish).

Wow… This is amazing. It does arise some curiosity in me as in how exactly is this floating like that in midair? Wouldn’t the weight of objects that it carries affect its structure? I would really love to know more about it.
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