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The Funniest MTB Video We’ve Seen in Awhile

Whistler Bike Park is regarded as the biggest and best bike park in the world. It has the largest number of trails, massive vertical, sick training camps and huge events each year. If you call yourself a mountain biker than you should experience this park at least once. People are used to seeing riders send it off the big features, and rip downhill at quite the clip, however, this video shows you what it’s like to be a noob at this world famous bike spot. 

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Some of the struggles of your first time include getting passed by 10 year-old kids, trying to get a sweet insta, receiving judgemental stares by experience riders and plenty of bails. This video is guaranteed to give you a flashback to your first time at a bike park.

Pro tip: If you’re headed to Whistler Bike Park anytime soon, it may be in your best interest to skip out on your Tim Hortons in order to be able to get a parking spot. 

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stash member Maddy Pigott

Adventure capitalist born and bred in The Great White North.