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Reece Potter is a Freaking Madman

If this video doesn't make you scream, then something's up. You might be as giddy as a little kid on Christmas, or as scared as your mom riding shotgun on your second time behind the wheel of a car. Wherever you fell on the spectrum, this video probably made you feel SOMETHING. And that something was probably pretty vocal, because this guy is absolutely sending it. Talk about insane.

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Reece Potter and his trusty steed, The Rocket, took on Skyline Queenstown in this quick and dirty (read: un-be-freakin-lievably filthy) video. In case you're one of the superhuman-few that can tear your eyes away from this madness, you should really stay through the end for a pretty gnarly crash. If you're like the rest of us, then get ready to hit the replay button a few times.

Too many trees! One small misalignment and you are meeting trees with your face! Give me open spaces.
Hope Reece recovers from his injuries to keep on trucking.

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stash member Oz

Jackson transplant from the Deep South by way of Canada. Stoked on powder and bluebird days.