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Mountain Biking On A Glacier Is A No Fall Zone

Fun idea: Let’s take mountain bikes, and put them on a glacier. 90% of the time, it sounds ridiculously ridiculous. When you're working on a film called unReal? No problem!

Graham Agassiz, James Doerfling and Cam McCaul hopped in a helicopter up to British Columbia’s Pemberton Icefield to spend two weeks living on a giant, slowly moving, frozen river of ancient ice—with their mountain bikes.

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After setting up their little alpine shantytown, the team set out to find suitable snow and ice to build their frozen bike playground on. They worked against the forces of Ma Nature, watching the features they'd spent hours building melt away just as fast.

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During their 16 days on the ice, the glacier melted seven feet and crevasses opened up in the camp. Eventually, the guys wound up drilling about 300 tiny screws through their tires to ride out the steep ice faces. Spinning bike wheels of death, anyone? Check it out.

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stash member Katie Cooney

Skier, photographer, dog lover, adventure seeker. Native of the land of cheese and beer, sometimes called Wisconsin.