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Mons Royale Holds All Women’s Freeride Event Future Ground

The women's freeride mountain bike scene has its fair share of gaps when it comes to representation, gear, and events. But in recent years, more and more brands are seeking to close those gaps up in one way or another. Santa Cruz's sister company Juliana is an entirely women's specific bike brand with a whole line of full suspension bikes and one beautiful gravel grinder out. Apparel companies like Shredly and Wild Rye are not only women owned, but also boast entirely women's specific catalogs. In 2019, Red Bull helped to put on Formation, a women's freeride event that took place in the same desert as Rampage, just a couple of weeks prior. But it's 2021 and female mountain bikers are looking for more. Luckily, their call has been heard. 

Mons Royale seeks to bridge this gap once again with the Future Ground Progression Camp. The event was born after Louise Ferguson landed her first backflip and a quick iPhone clip of it made waves in the community. The stoke following Ferguson's backflip made way for Future Ground to tap ten female riders, all based in New Zealand, for a four day camp in Queenstown. Wynyard Jump Park is the event's home base and with features like an airbag and a mulch jump, it creates the perfect stomping grounds for innovation and progression from the riders. By creating an all women's event, Future Ground allows the world to see just how much really rad stuff is being done by women riders. 

The event's riders include Louise Ferguson, Vinny Armstrong, Robin Goomes, Kalani Muirhead, Ellie Chew, Charlie Lester-Rosson, Kathy Morris, Kelsey Timpany, Emma Olofsson, and Jess Blewitt. Future Ground will take place March 23-26, 2021. 

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