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THROWBACK: Middle Aged Dads Tear Up Bellingham

Transition bikes gives you... your future. These 40 year old dads shred Bellingham, like pork shoulder on the barbecue. I just realized there's no 'Q' in barbecue.

Seriously, though, you can stay in shape and ride hard way past 40. Sure, your bones and joints may take a little longer to heal and, as one guy on a chairlift in full body armor commiserated to me a couple weeks ago, "I've got work to do, I don't have time for that shit" - but get out there and have a little fun.

Extra props for the 90s Eddie Vedder track to make someone in their 40s feel right at home.

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40s is nothing my dad is 54 and still kicks his 21 year old songs ass. Check out this video I made of us riding earlier this summer.

Nice video. Those guys were all very cool, but in their 40’s. I’m 59 and there are riders here late 60 to 70 still rippin.

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stash member Gunnar Waldman

Editor-at-Large, IMBA instructor and east-coaster. Raced Trans-Savoie in France, SoCal Enduro and Endurance in Temecula and is psyched for all the great new races in the east. Article Ideas: