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BASE-Jumper Uses Slingshot For Sketchy Stunt

Forget 0-60 in 3.5, these guys went 0-125 in... one second. What? Damn. Two base jumpers set up a human slingshot and had themselves launched 300 feet into the air, withstanding 6 g's of force (and somehow managing to not pass out in the process). For comparison, the average roller coaster ride has short bursts of 3-4 g. 

Mythbusters did a similar experiment in their 2005 "Border Slingshot" episode, but didn't actually put a human into the rig because of safety concerns. With the help of a bunch of engineers, these guys figured it out and got the ride of their lives! 

About The Author

stash member Katie Cooney

Skier, photographer, dog lover, adventure seeker. Native of the land of cheese and beer, sometimes called Wisconsin.