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Man Jailed for Walking Across Yellowstone’s Prismatic Spring

A California man was sentenced to four days in jail, a $1,040 fine, one year of probation, and a one-year ban from Yellowstone after he was recorded jauntily walking across the off-limits outflow stream of Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. Home to an extremely fragile ecosystem that can be irreparably harmed by as little as footprints, the thermal areas are also extraordinarily dangerous. Walking off the boardwalk entails stepping on a thin crust of mineral deposits that lay on top of boiling, acidic water. Park wardens do not hesitate to point out that such an act can easily result in critical injuries or death.

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When questioned by prosecutors, the man initially explained that he was late to pick up a friend at the airport, and decided to take a shortcut. Given that he was picked up by wardens while at Old Faithful, the judge pointed out that were he truly in a rush to pick up a friend, he would not have stopped to check out another landmark in the park. Prosecutors also noted that park visitors overheard Jason Nguyen asking a friend if he “got the shot”, likely referring to a picture of him walking across the protected areas. After video of the man walking across the marshes went viral, the judge felt it was important to send a message that this behavior would not be tolerated. The National Parks are a privilege unique to the United States, but too often they are neglected by selfish or ignorant visitors. Be respectful to the fragile wonder that is Yellowstone and be sure to stick to the boardwalk. 

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I will really appreciate, tourists must take care of these things. After hearing about this man others will learn in good way of course.