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TGR’s Best in Gear Reviews

Outdoor action sports are fun, but only if you've got the right gear. The wrong skis, goggles, or even underwear could ruin a perfectly good day of fun, which is why we put a lot of effort into finding the right gear for just about any situation. Check out our favorite gear-related stories from 2019:

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1. TGR Tested: Squaw Valley

This past spring, we sent a few lucky skiers and snowboarders to Squaw Valley to test dozens of skis and snowboards. Take a look to see their favorite skis and snowboarders for any conditions.

2. Travis Rice Drops New Board and the Video is Hilarious

Is it an informational ad for a new snowboard from Lib Tech? Yes. Is it also hilarious? Certainly. Highlights include:

"We pimped out a fish," regarding the new "Whale Tail" technology

"Satisfying the women's division; women's Lib if you will," in relation to the 147cm size

"Willie McMillan literally said he would give me his liver for this board, granted, I don't know how much value is there...

3. Mark Smiley Teaches Ski Mountaineering Skills Online

We get it, ski mountaineering can be a confusing subject: there are ropes, there are pointy metal things, and there are a host new hazards included in spending a special kind of day out in the mountains. If you want to get into it safely, you better find a patient friend who’s willing to show you how things are done, or better yet, you can check out Jackson Hole-based IFMGA guide Mark Smiley’s brand-new online course MTN Sense that covers just about everything you need to know about getting really gnarly on skis.

4. Marker Has a New Binding to Compete with the Shift

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been noticing some rumors and hints swirling around the internet of a brand-new binding that Marker has been working on. With their main competition Salomon/Atomic debuting the revolutionary Shift just last year, Marker has some catching up to do in the world of freeride touring bindings

5. TGR Launches a New Line of Goggles

With years of expertise working with the finest Zeiss camera optics in the world, pushing the limits of sport in the most extreme environments on the planet, Teton Gravity Research is stoked to announce the arrival of TGR Optics – a line of our very own premium goggles

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