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The BLDG Active Story

The story of BLDG Active involves two friends on a boat in the Maldives in 2016, but it actually started way before that.

For the last 15 years, BLDG Active founder, Justin Gardner, found himself working in a niche field called Regenerative Medicine. Researchers in Regenerative Medicine apply principles of molecular biology to tissue regeneration, helping to accelerate the healing process in cells.

Throughout his years working in the field, Justin has seen thousands of products launched, but very few made him stand up and take notice. Then he came across a molecule called Hypochlorous.

Hypochlorous, or HOCL, is a genuine game changer. When formulated correctly, HOCL can kill 99.9% of all bacteria within 15 seconds of contact, thus helping the body's natural healing process. HOCL is also 100% natural, 100% nontoxic, antibiotic free, petroleum free, painless and completely safe for use around the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

The beauty of this molecule and the reason it is non-toxic is that it already exists naturally in the human body. The basic science works like this: When skin damage occurs, the body responds by sending white blood cells. One type of white blood cell is a neutrophil, and neutrophils produce HOCL, helping the body fight off bacteria and heal faster.

So essentially, topically treating wounds with HOCL mirrors the way the body functions internally, and the results speak for themselves. Wound care specialists, trauma centers, burn units and hospitals have all begun using HOCL and have reported fantastic results, quickly making this the new gold standard.

But there was a problem, and that is what brings us to this boat in the middle of the Maldives.

You see, Justin has always been an avid outdoor athlete, traveler, and adventurer, and on these extended trips to remote areas surfing, snowboarding, hiking and exploring, one tends to get a little beat up. So when heading to the middle of the Indian ocean on a surf trip with his friend (and eventual BLDG Active co-founder), Jason Baldessari, Justin brought along a bottle of HOCL to help fight infection from reef cuts.

As all surfers know, reef cuts are no joke; the reef does not just cut the skin, it also leaves behind bacteria. When left unattended, these wounds can cause major issues, including Staph infections. The problem was, treating these wounds isn’t much fun, for a few reasons:

  • First, the wound must be cleansed, which is usually pretty painful. Many surfers use lime juice, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, all of which cause intense stinging.
  • Second, in addition to stinging, these cleansers often do as much harm as good. Sure, they kill a lot of the bad bacteria, but they also decimate the healthy cells in the area, often resulting in open wounds that refuse to heal.
  • Finally, these bottles are bulky and a pain to travel with.

So, enter a small 3 oz. bottle of HOCL. Now, when the surfer gets cut, it’s pretty straightforward. A simple application of HOCL kills all the bacteria and prevents infection. Additionally, there is no sting, the healthy cells are not affected, and the body heals faster.

But, that is not the end of it.

It turns out that this molecule also works extremely well on skin inflammations like sunburns, insect bites, rashes, chafing and other skin irritations. Now things start to get really interesting on the boat; people are using the product not only on cuts and scrapes, but also for sunburns, insect bites, and the inevitable onslaught of rashes and chafing that result from sports, travel, and adventure.

So this one little 3 oz. bottle has not just replaced bottles of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and antibiotic creams; it has also eliminated the need for aloe vera, sunburn lotions, and anti-itch creams.

Needless to say, many bottles of HOCL were used on that boat, helping Justin realize that the product has the potential to do much more than simply treat cuts and scrapes; it is actually a comprehensive solution for everyday skin damage beyond the clinical setting. Until now, however, HOCL has not been commercially available and its use has been largely limited to hospitals and doctors’ offices.

IMG 9414 1.JPG

That is how BLDG Active was born—it is the natural combination of a background in medical biotech and a love of the outdoors.

Fast forward to today: BLDG Active’s mission to build a bridge between science and sport has become a reality with the ACTIVE Skin Repair line of products featuring a proprietary medical-grade blend of HOCL.

The ACTIVE Skin Repair product line is designed for athletes and adventurers who experience frequent skin damage ranging from cuts and scrapes to sunburns, insect bites, rashes, chafing and more. Skin irritations can now be externally treated the same way the body fights infection internally, killing bacteria, fighting infection, healing faster, and getting athletes back to the sports they love. Here at the office, we joke that it’s the “WD40” of skin repair.

In addition to simply being more effective than the other over-the-counter options available—with the clinical evidence to prove it—all ACTIVE Skin Repair products are produced here in California in a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved cleanroom facility using the same formulation used in hospitals. And, unlike other products that are petroleum based, ours are kind to the environment.

Here at BLDG Active, we believe if you love something, you have a duty to protect it, and we’re proud to create environmentally friendly products. Additionally, we are a 1% For The Planet company. Being a 1% For The Planet member means the company donates 1% of all sales (not profits, top line sales) to environmental organizations doing work on the front lines. We believe it is not only a cost of doing business but also a company ethos to help protect the playgrounds that we all love.

We look forward to the future of providing consumers with medical-grade technologies to help better their lives and health while taking heed of the inevitable impact we all create and finding ways to forge a more sustainable future for generations of athletes and adventurers to come.

We hope you will join us on that journey to challenge a product category that is in need of disruption.

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-The BLDG Active Team

Heal faster. Go Farther.

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