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    admin issue - tapatalk defaults to old account alias and not my real account

    Been having this issue for a couple of years and finally reporting it. Some 16 years ago or so I'm embarrassed to say that my first attempt at a username was garbage. Splat told me to just make a new account and not bother using the old one. But tapatalk still defaults to the old one (ChamArtist). No matter if I log in as Schralph, every 18-24 hours it logs me out of Schralph and back in on my cham account!
    I would love to have tapa default to the real account ... or should I be using the apparently buggy TGR app?
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    I have no idea what you should use, but this sounds like a tapatalk issue, not a TGR one? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling tapatalk?
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    The TGR app works just fine for me on an iphone.
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    Using the TGR app on iphone, can you clear a cache with the tapatalk app?

    I would thing that removing the data and reinstalling should do it, if you want to keep using the same app.

    There's no reason the usernames are linked unless you logged in with the old one?

    FWIW I also use the TGR app on an iPhone, it is working fine for me more or less.
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