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    Avalanche Canada predictive algorithms use

    On predictive algorithms and supplementing field obs.

    "The big question then becomes how accurate that is. The answer is about as accurate as the weather forecast, according to Karl Klassen, Avalanche Canada’s public avalanche warning service manager.

    “We’ve spent quite a bit of time comparing what the model says the snowpack should look like based on the forecast and what we see in the field,” he explains. “It’s certainly not 100 percent accurate, but it gets better every year. We’re to the point now where, especially in data-sparse regions where we don’t have a lot of information from the ground, we feel like the model is our next best educated guess about what’s going on in the snowpack

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    Apparently there is funding from a big grant for a couple of snow safety types up here

    and that would be Sean & Lucas

    which is good cuz there is not a lot of info sources up here

    usually Avalanche Canada is scrambling for money this time of year
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    I ran a similar forecasting application years ago for the PNW. Weather forecasts combined with obs stations to drive snowpack models in real time. It is useful, but there are some underlying issues especially around radiation that still need to be solved.

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