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    Partners and Lodging Chamonix May 7 - 18

    Who's going to be around? I'll be climbing and ski mountaineering out of Chamonix during the above dates. Have a couple partners lined up but probably room for more and still need to sort out lodging. Thinking Vagabond and/or Chambre Neuf if I can't find an apartment someone doesn't plan to use for a week and a half.
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    I would highly encourage you to stay at the ski station up by Brevent. Its much better, and is cheaper. Last year the owner took holiday during the week of your trip but you can google ski station chalet chamonix and email her for details. This year it's 17 euro a night. There is a really nice kitchen, and it's prolly my favorite place in the world.

    Not sure if you've been to CHX before, but the Office de Haute Montagne has a notebook full of people looking for partners. It is right in the square by the church across from Office de Tourisme. Also the forum chamsocial is a good resource.

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