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    It's been out for a few years now, but just got around to reading Dead Wake by Erik Larson. I thought it was pretty good. His books tend to be a bit formulaic.

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    I managed to catch David Sedaris in Reno the other night (he spoke/read for about an hour) and then when I got home I rummaged through a coupla boxes and came up with 2 of his books, so I may go on a mini-Sedaris bender once I finish The Bachman Books (early Stephen King novels written under a pseudonym), which I am currently making my way through..

    I've also been plugging away on all the post-Fleming James Bond novels. I'm deep into the John Gardner run, which has been hit and miss, but overall enjoyable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cravenmorhead View Post
    The River by Peter Heller is very good (though I'm also a fan of the rest of his work). Makes me want do a Canadian/Boundary Waters river trip.
    I got around to reading this. There were some pretty lyrical description of the wilds in the beginning that I really dug and enjoyed. And then the book went to shit. too many gear catalog-esque listicles, improbable poorly fleshed characters (amusingly I don't think the main two were - they were just the sort of callow youth that anyone who's posted here should recognize, unsurprisingly reviewers disagreed), improbable action, overall poor plotting and an ending that was improbable, ill-described and unsatisfying. Fundamental problem is it's a book that's exactly the wrong length - it should have been left as a smaller, tighter short story or maybe a novella, or it should have been expanded.
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    The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson. Great book for everybody. The title already explains the main plot

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