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    kajaking roll


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    just getting started

    Quote Originally Posted by m6a4de View Post
    got a pond or a huge bucket with 500 l of water ? climb on the rim let yourself drop in or jump in the pond swim out i just did it maybe 10 times this winter longest stay in cold water 300 secs I call TITS Total Immersion Training Sessions
    I do this for MIA another girly thing Missing In Action, the freeride faction the freedom reaction

    how was was it ? pond was very cold today very cold

    it is likw you are in another state whence you are in

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    I think the key is to not just practice rolling in a pool, but also practice in running water, working up to the conditions that you will actually be in when you need to roll.

    Getting back into the sport myself after a 30 year layoff. Gave up kayaking after my first kid was born. I think what did it was a few close calls, and one day I watched a movie about some expert kayakers doing the first descent of some wild river somewhere. Don't remember exactly where it was (maybe South America?), but they had to enter the river by jumping off a drop of maybe 10 to 15 feet in their kayaks. Then they were trapped by steep canyon walls until they reached the take out point many miles down river.

    They all survived the trip, which included some pretty hairy rapids, but the thing that got me was at the end of the show they dedicated it to one of the kayakers who died later in an accident on the American River in California. That got me thinking. If an expert like that can die in this sport, it could happen to anyone, and certainly me.

    Went out last year and had so much fun. At least my kids are on their own now, if the worst happens.

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    I might enroll in a kayak class soon!

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    Clubs will be having pool sessions all winter most places.

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