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    Balance board Indo vs. Vew-do

    Looking for a balance board for both fun and physical training, i have never used one before not sure what to get. Any suggestions?

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    I've liked my wobble board from Fitter 1. Different than a balance board as you can see but same principles apply. Used it religiously after my last ACL recon finally working up to 1 legged squats on it. When I switched legs one day for the heck of it I couldn't believe how much better my balance was with the bad leg over the good one. So I guess they really do help.

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    i have the indo pro. it kicks ass. i trained with it in the off-season and noticed a big difference in leg fatigue/soreness.
    It depends on what your looking for though, the regular indo is probably more versatile.
    My friend is a personal trainer and uses the regular indo in his gym.

    As for the vew-do, the roller looks smaller/not as high off the ground and therefore less difficult to balance on. Im not sure how the rail system affects difficulty level either. It does look pretty cool though, how you can edge on it etc. Looks a little more "fun" than the indo but probably not the same fitness effects.
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