TGR's Green Initiatives

Why Be Green?

Today many of our natural playgrounds are being threatened by things like climate change, pollution, and development. Although we are far from perfect, TGR continues to take steps as a leader in the action sports industry towards preserving these playgrounds and the world we live in.

We believe that we have the ability to inspire other people and we want to use that power to help educate, protect and preserve the places we love.

    TGR's Green Apparel Line

  • Starting in 2008 TGR's clothing line went "green". We are using organic and recycled polyester materials in the production of our t-shirts and hoodies.
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    Carbon Neutral Filmmaking

  • We are the first action sports film company to go carbon neutral. All of our films are directed to incorporate environmental issues, to generate awareness, and to inspire action. We calculate and offset our carbon footprint by logging all airline, automombile, snowmobile, and helicopter use.

    Sustainable Filmmaking



  • A short films released in the winter of 2009 about the consequences of Climate Change upon winter environments and snow sports culture. Presented by The North Face in partnership with the non-profit group Protect Our Winters, Generations discuess climate change through the perspectives of those for whom snowy winters have a deeper personal significance. Going beyond charts and numbers, Generations humanizes the debate on climate change by exploring the delicateness of winter and the intrinsic value of snow to people across generations and cultures.
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  • The pet project of seven-time Big Mountain Rider of the Year, Jeremy Jones, releasing Fall 2010. This film is about exploring places you can't traditionally get to with snowmobiles or helicopters. The trips covered in this film are based around foot powered travel and making the extra effort to hike, camp and split board to all the lines and camera angles. This film will be partnered with Protect Our Winters (POW). To take on this endeavor we have partnered with sponsors like Brunton who is providing the production crew with portable solar powered chargers. We hope to expose foot powered and environmentally friendly modes of transportation to a to a new, younger demographic.
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  • A Ski/Snowboard film released in 2009. This film is 100% carbon neutral through offsets and programs by Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Protect Our Winters and 1% For The Planet. We calculated our carbon footprint by logging the entire team's travel: airline, automobile, snowmobile, and helicopter use. These offsets will fund the Conservation Based Forest Management project in Northwest California. The project is designed to enhance, restore, and maintain a mature redwood forest ecosystem with a mix of native species, age distribution, complex structure and diverse habitats.
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    Out There

    Out There

  • A Surf Film released in 2008 showcasing cutting edge surfing with a powerful environmental message. Partnered with the Surfrider Foundation to help deliver some of the key environmental issues that face surfing such as water quality and over development. Gave away a free membership to Surfrider Foundation with every DVD sold to help bring exposure to Surfrider issues. Partnered with local Surfrider chapters on each film tour stop. These chapters promoted the events and kept all profits to invest in local environmental issues.
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    Under the Influence

    Under The Influence

  • A Ski/Snowboard film released in 2008. This is the first action sports film to be carbon neutral. We calculated our carbon footprint by logging the entire team’s travel: airline, automobile, snowmobile, and helicopter use. We partnered with P.O.W. and Bonneville Environmental Foundation to track our carbon footprint and allocate funds to renewable energy projects. Each DVD sold includes a free membership to Protect Our Winters.
  • Click here for more information on Under the Influence

TGR'S Environmental Partners

    One percent for the planet

    One Percent for the Planet

  • We donate 1% of all revenue to One Percent For the Planet We choose how this money is spent by allocating it to accredited non-profit organizations.


    Surfrider Foundation

  • We donate to a general fund to benefit the most current Surfrider issues such as offshore drilling protecting Trestles from development.

    Protect our winters

    Protect Our Winters (P.O.W.)

  • TGR was a founding partner in the creation of POW. With over 30,000 supporters worldwide, POW re-invests contributions in educational initiatives, activism and supporting community-based initiatives.


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