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Watch the Pros Foil Surf in Nazaré

Hydrofoil surfing, although not entirely new to the scene, is nonetheless a slightly lesser known way to navigate big waves. In the past when waves weren't conducive to traditional surfing, they were set aside and left unattempted as surfers laid in wait for a better break. Nowadays, foiling changes that pattern by allowing surfers to access different waves that otherwise would have escaped unridden. 

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Laird Hamilton, surfing legend and one of the first foil surfers on the scene, along with fellow top surfers Terry Chung, Luca Padua and Benny Ferris, recently explored the massive and infamous waves of Nazaré, Portugal in this epic clip from Lift Foils. Watch the trio float, glide, and dance above the surface of the revered Nazaré swells, all while baffling both us and the integrity of physics itself.

皆さん、あなたは信じられないほどです、私はあなたの仕事を称賛します。 サイト入金不要ボーナスがチャンネルの開発に役立ち、多くのギャンブルを提供することを願っています 。

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