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Nathan Florence’s New Film is 15 Minutes of Massive Barrels

When it comes to charging massive barrels, Nathan Florence is one of the best. Whether you want to call it bravery or foolhardiness, the middle Florence has no issue dropping into waves which would make most expert surfers reconsider their recreation choices. He doesn't always make it, but epic wipeouts are just as entertaining as epic makes. 

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There And Back Again isn't a documentary-style recap of Florence's adventures in 2018. Instead, it's 15 minutes of straight surfing at breaks around the world. Whether he's in Tahiti, Mexico, Panama, or the small Indonesian island of Nias, Florence manages to find perfectly-shaped, immense barrels. He also conveys such good vibes that one can't help but smile. 

If you're an avid Nathan Florence fan, then you're likely aware that he has a demi-mullet. Our assumption was that his cruelly-unfashionable haircut is the result of a wager of some kind. However, the shot of Florence in a Mexican barbershop specifically requesting that most odious of haircuts indicates that the mullet is an entirely voluntary decision. We'll give him a pass because the man is clearly too focused on surfing to worry about hair; maybe a mullet is the only hairstyle he knows. An alternative theory is that the mullet provides a tactical advantage, but we have no evidence of any such mullet-granted power.

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Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, now living in Jackson, WY. I’m an avid skier, biker, hiker, climber, and fisherman. Outside of sports, my major interests focus on public policy surrounding land use and energy systems.