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Forrest Shearer Surfs Sea and Snow in Chile

Where land ends and water begins is a blurry boundary for Jones athlete Forrest Shearer and he makes sure to take full advantage of both. A Salt Lake City native, Shearer ventures south to Chile to enjoy the snow, surf, local culture, and the natural spaces that provide a way of life to local communities.

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“It’s no longer about the outcome, it’s about the back and daring greatly,” Shearer says as he snowboards grandiose Chilean spines and surfs incredible breaks, all within the space of a few miles. This wasn’t just a pleasure trip, however. For Shearer, any space or thing that you love, you protect. His Chilean dream trip turned into an opportunity to look at the protection of the natural spaces he enjoys.

He says it’s time. Time for change. Time for an environmental revolution that will help preserve these incredible landscapes that athletes recreate in and that locals depend on for their livelihoods. 

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