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Watch Kai Ski Jackson Hole’s Gnarliest Terrain

11-year-old freeskiing prodigy Kai Jones had a better Spring Break than you. When the snow kept falling last March in Jackson Hole, Kai went on a rampage, tearing up the biggest, baddest terrain at his home mountain. Whether it was conquering classic inbounds lines like Alta Zero, or stomping huge airs in the backcountry like Smart Bastard with his friend Tim Durtschi, Kai took advantage of one of the best weeks of the season.

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Kai’s full segment in TGR’s latest ski and snowboard film Far Out, presented by REI, shows that no matter how big or small you are, the only limit is your imagination. 

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I have no words to comment on this. He is just 11 and the stunts he performs is so risky and even the grownups would think twice. Anyway, I am printer offline error so impressed with the skiing skills he has shown.

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Wow!! That was crazy to watch.. Hard to believe he’s only 11 doing stuff like that! I could never ski that well with all the junk food I eat haha.

This kid is badass! Some gnarly skiing right there, for any age, not to mention an 11-year-old! Looks like skiing paradise out there. Need to take a trip soon when I can take a break from my junk removal job.

That was incredible!
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This is incredible. Just shows what can be done in such a short period of time. If an 11 year can get this good at something imagine what he can do in 20 years. I have spent years building my Garage door repair company in Illinois and with this same type of persistence and hard work ethic we are now the best garage door business is all of Chicago area.

This was a sick clip living in Boise I haven’t been to Jackson hole yet.  I work as a Tile Contractor so it takes a lot of that precious ski time in the winter

Kai is amazing! I’m interested in figuring out this kid’s story and how he got started. Living out here in the Rocky Mt Region it is definitely impressive to see someone so young with such fantastic talent. Is there any coverage on his upbringing out there? Inspires me to get out there with the wife, especially when she can take some time off from her job at <a href =“”>Colorado Bridal Company</a>, or if everything doesn’t shut down again.

Kai is insane! Really inspires me to get back on the slopes. It has been too long. Awesome skills Kai!

Alonzo @

I can’t believe it his kid. For an 11 year old doing that kind of stunt is just awesome. By the way, looking for a local Mesa Junk Removal we are here to help.

Shows that no matter how big or small you are, the only limit is your imagination. Masonry Contractor

I wish I could turn back time so I can also be excellent and talented like this 11 year old child. Go Kai Jones! You will become more successful on your chosen sport. Unlike me my talent got junk ..hahaha

This blog was written with great care. I just want to learn about these things. Thank you and have a nice day.




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