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5 Questions With the Reigning Queen of Corbet’s: Caite Zeliff

Check out Caite Zeliff's winning run from Kings and Queens of Corbet's 2018.

With the next edition of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort's Kings and Queens of Corbet's right around the corner, we caught up with hometown hero and last year's Queen - skier Caite Zeliff. With lots of new faces in the lineup this year, she is sure to face some tough competition come contest day, but can she hold it together to come out on top yet again?

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TGR: Where’d it all get started for you, what led to the Corbet’s Comp, and where are you planning on taking your career?

Caite Zeliff: I was born and raised in a ski town so a passion for skiing was pretty much inevitable. A good family friend got me into ski racing in 5th grade and the rest was history. I was able to ski race nationally and internationally at the FIS and nor am level before heading to the university of New Hampshire where I skied division 1 NCAA. I skied at UNH before moving to Jackson where I developed a fierce love for big airs and powder skiing. I have been competing in the free ride world qualifying tour for three years and absolutely love it! When rumors started swirling about the Corbet’s comp I figured why the heck not? I emailed Jess Mcmillan and was lucky enough to get a spot and be a part of that special first comp. I find filming super attractive and hope to have my ski career move in that direction. As long as I am continuing to push my skiing to a higher level I am happy.

TGR: Do you think having a comp with both skiers and snowboarders is important these days, and why?

CZ: Of course! Simply because I think skiers and snowboarders play off of each other and push one another. I love skiing with snowboarders. The surfy style and the way a snowboarder can play with the mountain is amazing. We can both learn from each other and may as well take advantage of that!

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TGR: Who did you think was going to win last year and what was your favorite run?

CZ: I had no idea. With so many talented riders it was anyone’s title for the taking!

TGR: What went through your mind when you found out that you won?

CZ: I was shocked and super proud. There were so many strong skiers and riders and I was just beyond excited to know I can hang with the best of them. I have so much respect for Jackson and it felt really good to be able to represent my town and lay down a line that my peers thought deserving of the crown.

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What is special about Jackson Hole in your eyes?

CZ: The terrain and the community. I haven’t found many other places in the world with the amount of amazing terrain of all different varieties. This mountain pushes me to be a better skier every single day I ride it. And then there are the people. The people in this town are some of the most amazing, badass, kind, hardworking folks I have ever met. It’s refreshing to have a community of like minded mountain people that understand the life I have chosen to live!

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