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Tourists Sentenced for Old Faithful Trespassing

Whether you have been on a NOLS course recently or just prefer to spend lots of time in nature, we’ve all heard the pleas for Leave No Trace ethics (LNT), especially when it comes to delicate or endangered landscapes, flora, and fauna. For two young men, either these messages were not yet familiar or had not been driven home in full when they trespassed on Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful geyser back in September.

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United States Magistrate Judge Mark Carman of the Yellowstone Justice Center recently sentenced Ryan Goetz, 25, of Woodstock, New York and Eric Schefflin, 20, of Lakewood, Colorado to a five year ban from the park, 10 days in jail, as well as a $540 fine for their previous romp through the historic and delicate ecosystem. Boardwalks are in place to protect not only the natural spaces but also the wellbeing of visitors who could be severely injured or killed by venturing too close to the steamy and explosive attractions.

The National Parks Service clearly takes these offenses seriously, as they should. Observe and enjoy from afar folks!

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I don’t understand why the law is like this. Protection is a must. But if they have no problem with going there, then allow them to choose what they want. I am not blaming the law. garage door repair near me Just told my opinion. That’s all.

Oh, it is really sad news.  check this out why this man walking across this Yellowstone Spring and why he is not bothered about his safety? security is the most important thing. I think he is not bothered about this Yellowstone spring protection guards.

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Trespassing is illegal and if the tourists do so, it is against the law and can also be punished. diamond cut names Read the warning board that has been written and follow the rules that have been told to you. Hope this is a warning to all who are going trekking.

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