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Heavy Traffic Closed Little Cottonwood Canyon on Sunday

An example of how badly congested LCC can get. UDOT Photo.

On Sunday, the canyon was so congested that the Utah Department of Transportation was forced to close the road leading to Alta and Snowbird. 

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Apparently, by 11 a.m. Alta’s parking was filled to capacity. UDOT’s advice to travelers was to try taking the bus or stagger trip times. Unfortunately, carpooling or public transportation can’t do much when the road is closed altogether. Thankfully, the road was eventually reopened to uphill traffic by 2:00 p.m. that day. 

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That picture is the parking lot of Brighton, which is in Big Cottonwood Canyon, not little Cottonwood Canyon.

Oh my God!! The seen seems to be very serious. What was the reason for this heavy traffic on Little Cottonwood Canyon?? Is it heavy snowfall which made this situation worse?? Anyway, thanks for the news. High Potency CBD Oils That was a useful one for the people.

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