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BD Announces Voluntary Recall for PIEPS DSP Beacons with Neoprene Case

Black Diamond is initiating a voluntary recall of Pieps DSP avalanche transceivers in North America. The design of the lock switch on these popular avalanche products can lead to the beacon inadvertently switching modes from "transmit" to "off" or "receive", potentially rendering the units inoperable in the case of a burial. The issue was brought to the attention of Black Diamond last year, in part following TGR athlete Nick Mcnutt’s full burial in a BC avalanche. For more background on the recall, read our report from last fall. Check out the full press release from Black Diamond below, and for more info visit the official recall page here.

Black Diamond Equipment®, a global innovator in climbing, skiing and mountain sports equipment, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada, is voluntarily recalling the PIEPS DSP avalanche transceivers with the neoprene carrying case. Black Diamond is the North American distributor for PIEPS.

The reason for the voluntary recall is because the lock/switch can change modes unexpectedly when not properly locked or when used with its original neoprene carrying system, resulting in the transceiver not transmitting a signal. When this occurs, it can result in serious bodily harm and/or death.

PIEPS developed a new hard case carrying system for all its PIEPS DSP transceivers. The hard case will replace the original neoprene carrying system included at purchase and will provide additional safety to ensure the transceivers are locked in the “send” position when in use, and remain securely in the “send” position during use.

If you own a PIEPS DSP PRO, ICE or SPORT avalanche transceiver, Black Diamond requests that you stop using it immediately, unless paired with the new PIEPS hardcase carrying system.

In addition to PIEPS providing a new hardcase carrying system to all its PIEPS DSP customers, Black Diamond will continue to offer an upgrade option in North America for PIEPS DSP customers who would like to upgrade to the latest generation of PIEPS avalanche transceivers.

“As a company that manufactures and distributes a broad range of personal protective and safety equipment, we sincerely apologize and appreciate your patience for the time it has taken to get here,” said John Walbrecht, president of Black Diamond Equipment. “We will examine this process again in detail as we always strive to do what’s right for our customers and remain committed to product safety and effectiveness.”

For further information about Black Diamond Equipment and PIEPS’ voluntary product recall program, go to

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