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RockShox Drops New 2021 MTB Suspension Bits

With Fox dropping their new 2021 MTB suspension parts earlier this week, it’s no surprise that RockShox was not far behind. However, instead of a bunch of ground-up re-designs, RockShox focused on improving their already awesome product with some simple updates. For the most part, the forks remain the same as last year, but the main item of note is the new Debonair Air Spring, available standard in the new Lyrik, Pike, and Yari forks, as well as a very inexpensive aftermarket upgrade kit that should fit most older RockShox forks.

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RockShox rider Yoann Barelli is pretty stoked on the upgrade part, especially since it seems to be a more sustainable way of promoting new product. Keep your old component, and just make it better. Plus, at $42, it’s an upgrade that’s pretty easy to justify.

What’s inside?

The new Debonair air spring (top) features a re-designed seal head. Rockshox photo.

Well, the Debonair air spring is designed to allow your fork to ride higher its in travel, giving you more support riding through rough sections of trail. For the tech nerds, that’s achieved by re-shaping the seal head in the air spring, similar to what Vorsprung does with their aftermarket Luftkappe kit. Basically it changes the size of the positive air spring, allowing the fork to sit higher in its travel at the same air pressure than without the part. On the trail, this means your fork has more usable travel, which is always a good thing.

RockShox says swapping the part can be done at home, and should take around 30 minutes.

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