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One Day at Jackson

March 19, 2012 was a day to remember at JH. With 19” of new snow at the resort and more like 2-3 feet outside the gates it was an “all time” day to hook up with some of Jackson’s best locals, insert the Lovely Brothers. With the same intentions to slay pow, send cliffs, and have fun, we got along instantly resorting back to our east coast roots and relishing in the light Teton smoke.Just 5 weeks after fracturing my tibia I headed to Jackson Hole to ski and relax with family and get my turn back. I never imagined it would turn into such an incredible 10 hours of skiing and that it would change my life forever. Being a little off point and in pain my style was loose and tentative but I was happy to be skiing again. Mowing nachos, wings and beer at the Moose at the end of the day the pain slipped away and was replaced by new friends, memories, and powder dreams. One day at Jackson is all you need to change your season or your life forever. See ya next year!

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