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Update: The Jaws Competition is set to resume this morning after Big Wave Tour Commissioner Mike Parsons postponed the challenge late yesterday afternoon due to dangerous conditions. “It felt like it was getting too dangerous,” Parsons said, while adding “It's a tough call to make at the end of the day but safety has to remain the number one thing.” We stand with the commissioner, and we’re stoked for another exciting day at Peahi. Tune in to watch live.

11/26/2018: Large purple blobs have been spotted off the coast of Maui, and if you're keen to big wave surfing you know exactly what that means. The Jaws contest, which is famous for it’s thundering barrels and world-shattering wipeouts, got the official green light last night after the WSL received a report of 45-foot plus waves making their way to the North Shore of Hawaii. That’s a terrifyingly large number for a wave that’s already one of the World’s most extreme even on smaller days. The Jaws contest is the 2nd stop in the 2018 Big Wave Tour, and comes just a few weeks after the Tour’s first stop in Nazaré.

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Even though Grant “Twiggy” Baker claimed the title last week in Portugal, it’s the Maui boys - Ian Walsh and Billy Kemper - who are the ones to beat this week in Peʻahi. Ian Walsh won it all in 2017 after he got one of the best barrels in surfing history, and Billy Kemper is, well, Billy Kemper. It’s a wave that will kill you, it’s one of the most anticipated events of the year, and we can't wait to watch. Tune in to stream the competition live at

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