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Watch Nic Von Rupp Ride Monster Swells at Nazare

What do you get when two storms in the middle of the Atlantic join forces and head for Portugal? Some of the biggest surf Nazarè has ever seen. In his latest video, Nic Von Rupp heads out to catch some of the goodness this storm has to offer. The swells on this particular day were so big they made Von Rupp and other riders like Sebastian Steutner, Pedro Scooby, and Maya Gabeira look like miniatures. While Von Rupp shows off clean rides on these insane waves, not all were so lucky.

We love a good carnage reel as much as the next guy, and this one from Nazaré certainly provides. Between wiping out mid-ride and one of those monster waves crashing on top of them, these riders saw the nastier side of this storm. Swells like this one don’t come around very often, so go big or go home, right? 

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