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VIDEO: Russell Bierke & Andrew Kaineder Create Surfer Cinematic Gold

There couldn’t be a cooler combination of creativity: surfer Russell Bierke and film director Andrew Kaineder. Australian native Bierke is known for his fearlessness on the water and being relentless when it comes to attacking some of the largest waves in the world. He doesn’t hold back in this new video, Vantage Points, ripping through massive bombs without thinking twice. To compliment Bierke’s spunky surf style, director and fellow Aussie Andrew Kaineder mixes hi-fi cinematography with lo-fi lifestyle, creating a steady balance between the intensity of Bierke’s style and the pleasantness of Australia’s coast. Although both professionals navigate very different methods of expressiveness, the two work together stunningly to create a short surf film that is nothing short of a masterpiece.

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